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1. Financial Statements Solution – IFRS, US GAAP and Canadian GAAP

TRAS has a pool of fantastically skilled specialist who can assist you to prepare your financial statements on software of your desire or on templates and comply with country specific statutory regulations and relevant accounting/auditing standards. TRAS team prepares the financial statements in 2 dimensions:

  • Compiled Financial Statement
    Our team of professionals compiled the financial information as necessitate by the management and present it into a standardized format according to the industry norms and relevant accounting standards. In this our team do not verify the numbers but hold themselves responsible for any accounting errors;
  • Reviewed Financial Statement
    This will require a detailed and thorough study of the numbers and integrity of the compiled financial statement. Our team makes additional efforts which help us to prepare the financial reports that looks beyond the numbers and tells you the whole story;


2. Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management is the process to track the inflow and outflow of the money during the relevant period from operating, investing and financing activities. It helps to determine the liquidity and solvency of the business and also forecast the money required in the future to operate the business activities. Services TRAS perform:

  • Preparation of cash flow statement;
  • Assist in improving cash flow of the business;


3. Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting is the process to lay out the plans what a business wants to achieve and Forecasting is the process to identify actual results which a business expected to produce in the future. This process helps the business to formulate strategies and align goal across the organization. Services TRAS perform

  • Preparation of Budget for future periods;
  • Preparation of Forecast reports;
  • Variance analysis;


4. Ratio Analysis

Ratio analysis is the study of financial health by comparing different segment in the financial statement. This analysis helps the management to build goodwill of the business and to improve the profitability with existing resources. TRAS team works on financial ratios and compare it with industry standards and advice our clients on the areas which needs to be focused and improved. Our team broadly works on the below 4 segments

  • Profitability or Return on Investment ratios;
  • Liquidity ratios;
  • Leverage ratios and;
  • Operating or Efficiency ratios;

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